Value News – Claremore

Our second objective is to help area merchants and service providers connect with their markets and grow their businesses.
Simply put, we help bring consumers and merchants together, providing value and opportunity to both.

And the Value News name is a trusted name.
In 1993, we launched the Value News publication, a direct-mail newspaper filled with money-saving tips, information and coupons. Today, five community-specific issues of the Value News are published each month, and the total circulation is nearly 170,000, including 22,000 in Rogers County.

In fact, the Value News is delivered to more residences and businesses within each of its circulation areas than any other newpaper, and in many cases more than all local major newspapers combined.

In 2003, we launched to give consumers more access savings via our online Savings Pages.

If you are interested in advertising opportunities please contact Value News sales manager, Savannah Haddock at

918.951.0804 or