Tree Love LLC – Claremore

Tree Love is a Claremore company owned by Cody Willard, a certified arborist. He is working to become a Board Certified Master Arborist within the next year and a half. When he is certified, he will be only the second person in Oklahoma to carry that credential.
According to Cody, “God put it on my heart to start this company. I have spent 8 years in the tree industry and was happy working for someone, but God has different plans. What does God want out of it? He want part of Tree Love’s funds to go to funding Bible smuggling operations! 10% of our profits will fund these operations through World Compassion.”
Tree Love is a company that constantly strives to differentiate itself from typical tree care operations: we accomplish this by being exceptionally professional to deal with as well as delivering a quality of work that can only be described as superb! We want to be remembered, we want to be unique, so we offer may of the same services as others but do so in a environmentally conscious and scientifically-based way. We also try to be very visual with our customers and not just verbal, so we are constantly cultivating new ways to communicate by clearly explaining and illustrating what’s truly needed to keep their trees happy and property safe. We strongly believe in only providing unmatchable quality of work and because of this, when we prune, plant, remove or offer any other care or services to your trees, the work is always performed by a licensed ISA Certified Arborist. 

We want to work for the tree huggers, for the people who demand accurate answers from a arboricultural adviser they can trust, for the people who truly love their trees, because that’s really who we are, too, we are Tree Love!

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