Six Acre Bees – Claremore

Six Acre Bees, LLC is owned and operated by Dirk and Rachel O’Donnell. It started on our six acre farm in Guthrie, Oklahoma, in 2010.  A hobby turned business when we realized we had more honey that we could eat and started selling to friends. Steadily our business grew to 40 hives, and continues to grow. In 2017 Dirk’s job relocated our family to the Claremore area and we brought our bees with us. To us, beekeeping is much more than just honey. It keeps us connected to agriculture even after selling our farm. It lets us work together as a family to support ourselves, and it helps us teach our daughters the value of a hard day’s work. We sell honey, lip balms, lotion bars and various gift boxes. All of our products are made by us in Oklahoma.
Contact Info:
facebook: 6acrebees
instagram: @sixacrebees