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Strut Your Mutt

September 19, 2015 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm


What: Strut Your Mutt

When: Saturday, September 19, 10a- 4p

Where: Claremore Lake

This story is proof that you don’t need to be a dog person to fall in love with a dog.

Anna Pate of Claremore started Heartland Collie Rescue in June. Since there isn’t a collie rescue in the area, she decided to form one herself. (Sounds a lot like the beginning of moreClaremore!) Her good friend, Sheila Giannelli, (a self-proclaimed ‘cat and bird person’) was interested in a collie as a pet, so she kept an eye out.

Six weeks ago, Anna heard about an abused collie in Arkansas, and called to tell Sheila. Anna made the trip and what she found was horrifying. A gentleman in his 80s was hoarding 48 dogs. None were taken care of. None were properly nourished. The dog she came to see had a bowl of green slime instead of water and was covered in her own feces. Ribs were sticking out, as she weighed only 32 pounds, half her expected body weight. She was kept in a pen with 16 other dogs. Anna was heartbroken.

She complained to the owner about the conditions, but he wasn’t hearing it. She offered him $300 for the collie (now known as Scarlet), and he refused. For her part, Anna refused right back, handed him the cash, which he eventually accepted, and hurried out of there with Scarlet. Sheila had a new pet, the first dog of her life.

Scarlet was officially a member of Heartland Collie Rescue, and she was in very poor health. Rescue rules state that an animal cannot be adopted until it is healthy, so Scarlet stayed with Anna in the meantime. Her health outlook wasn’t good.

A visit to the vet showed that Scarlet was emaciated, dehydrated, malnourished and was suffering from hookworm and kidney damage. She spent two nights in the emergency room at the veterinarian, receiving IVs and antibiotics. When she was released, Anna was heading out on another rescue mission, so Sheila offered to foster her. The Giannelli family fell in love. In the week she spent with them, Scarlet gained seven pounds. A week later, she began vomiting. Another trip to the vet showed that during her first visit, she had contracted kennel cough. Not only that, her kidney function was again slowing down, and her body wasn’t producing enough red blood cells.

Today, Scarlet has proven herself to be an amazing, beautiful animal, full of personality, a great protector, and good with kids. She’s becoming the beautiful face of Green Country’s new collie rescue. Her health is still uncertain, and nobody knows what the outcome will be. Sheila stated with emphasis (and a tear in her eye), “No matter what happens, the time Scarlet has been with us has been the best six weeks of my life.” And that’s from a cat person.

It’s because of dogs like Scarlet that Anna is pouring her energy into Heartland Collie Rescue. Too many animals are left abused or neglected, and they need a voice. Scarlet is theirs.

To help give the fledgling operation a boost, Heartland Collie Rescue is hosting Strut Your Mutt on Saturday, September 19, at Claremore Lake, from 10a – 4p. There will be plenty of vendors in attendance, like the SPCA, who will be offering appointments for microchipping and low-cost spays and neuters. Dogs are welcome (must be on a leash) and kids will have a great time, too! And everyone can enjoy a hot dog. T-shirts will be available for purchase.

The goal for Strut Your Mutt is to raise the funds necessary to achieve 501c status, and of course, raise awareness for Heartland Collie Rescue. If you would like to sponsor, be a vendor, or just ask a question, check out Heartland Collie Rescue online or follow them on facebook.

Keep it local, Claremore!


September 19, 2015
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
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