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Oklahoma Pizza Company! Menu Looks Awesome!

Many of you may not have heard about the newest downtown development project of Emily and Landon Dean, called the Red Rock Building.  This project made space for not one, but two new Claremore businesses: Anvil Axe and Oklahoma Pizza Company.  If you like fun, food, family, friends, or just plain have FOMO (fear of missing out), then you need to know what is happening in Claremore.

This week, I noticed a frenzy of activity downtown at Oklahoma Pizza Company.  Gazing in the window was a scene, as pretty as a picture, of folks gathered around the counter and prep bar just as happy as can be. They were smiling, talking, and learning about the perfect way to craft an artisan pizza to their customer’s unique tastes.  The fragrance on the air was enchanting. It made me feel a little drunk, to be honest, so I may have hallucinated… but it seems like an angel with a mustache came outside and offered me a taste of cheesy goodness that surely came straight from Heaven.  Alas, it was probably just my imagination, since Oklahoma Pizza Company is on W. Will Rogers Boulevard in Claremore and no word YET on an opening date.  However, I did sign up for their VIP list so that I will be the first to know and not miss out on anything.


Online: //www.okpizzaco.com

Facebook:  /oklahomapizzaco

Chris and Sarah Hayes, with long time team members, Kenley and Millie.




I do declare, this sweet and spicy pizza was made by an angel.


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