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FREE Coffee and How We Can Help Chick-fil-A Claremore

Okay, Claremore….a couple of things. First of all, it’s Java January at Chick-fil-A Claremore! Stop by during breakfast between 6:30a – 10:30a and get a FREE coffee or iced coffee! (Technically, you don’t even have to buy anything, but you totally should because their breakfast is delicious.)

Secondly, our CFA location is competing against all of the Chick-fil-A stores in Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas and WE WANT TO WIN! All you have to do is use your mobile app when ordering. It’s SUPER easy, y’all. Just hop on the CFA app and place your order, then when you pull into the drive-thru, just tell them you have a mobile order and you swoop on through the line. BUT GET THIS. Did you know you can use the mobile order app when you’re dining in?! Just go in and grab a table, get on your phone, and place your order. You don’t have to get in line AT ALL. So please use the mobile app and let’s help our store come out on top!

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