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Happy Thanksgiving from moreClaremore!

The moreClaremore fam has a lot to be thankful for this year. Despite the rigors of living in this global pandemic for the past two years (nearly), our little crew (Robert, Amy, Ashley, and Travis) and website are trucking along just fine. We even celebrated our eighth birthday in July!

Travis and Amy are both parents of Claremore High School seniors, and are facing the challenges of Preston and Arlie leaving the nest for college this next fall. Robert can tell them all about it, since his eldest, Trey, is now a freshman at the University of Arkansas, majoring in architecture. Arlie is a Lady Zebra golfer and will join cousin Trey at U of A next year. Preston is playing basketball and tennis for Claremore High and is RSU bound after graduation.

Zip is in eighth grade, if you can believe that, and the 10th annual ZipperQ was just held in October. Robert’s daughter, Breanne, is in fifth grade, and Ashley’s kiddo, Canaan, is holding his own in fourth grade.

Amy and Robert are still running full tilt at Melton Sales, slinging Jeeps and Rams at all hours of the day, and Travis and Ashley are handling moreClaremore on the daily, while also holding additional full-time positions with RSU and the Chamber, respectively. All of the moreClaremore peeps are also involved in many other organizations in the community.

We are THANKFUL for everyone who has supported us for the past eight years, and we hope you consider to do so. Remember, if you have a scoop for us or have info you’d like shared with our positive little community, or if you’d like to rent North Block Common for an upcoming event, please email Ashley@moreClaremore.com. North Block is really full of holiday and graduation parties, so don’t delay if you need the coolest space in town!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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