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ZipperQ 10 is in the Books: In Pictures

The 10th annual ZipperQ, Claremore’s favorite family-friendly barbecue throwdown, was held on Saturday, October 2, at the Claremore Expo. A total of 17 teams competed for bragging rights and awesome prizes, while feeding the good folks of Claremore who showed up to support the Gordon family and the IFOPA. Zip Gordon was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease called Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (also known as FOP, or Stone Man Disease) back in 2011. The Will Rogers Junior High student is one of just 900 in the world affected by this disease. Ten years ago, his parents, Amy and Jacob Gordon, decided to help raise money to research a cure, and ZipperQ was born.

In 2018, ZipperQ crossed the million dollar mark in proceeds raised for FOP research. If you were unable to attend the event but would still like to donate, you can do that at ZipperQ.com. 

Amy, Arlie, Zip, and Jacob Gordon

Chicken Winners
Third place: Smoking Butts BBQ

Second place: MCS BBQ

Chicken Champion: Backlash BBQ

Ribs Winners

Third place: G2 Cue

Second place: Smokin’ Elks 1230

Ribs Champion: MCS BBQ

Pulled Pork Winners

Third place: Smokin’ Elks 1230

Second place: MCS BBQ

Pulled pork champion: Eddie’s Junkyard Smokers

Brisket Winners

Third place: Eddie’s Junkyard Smokers

Second place: Limp Brisket

Brisket champion: G2 Cue

Overall Winners

Third place: Eddie’s Junkyard Smokers

Second place: MCS BBQ

Grand champion: G2 Cue

People’s Choice: Bucket Hat Boys

Zip’s Choice: Backlash BBQ

Thank you to everyone who made the 10th annual ZipperQ a success! Many thanks to the donors, the cooking teams, and all of the attendees. See you next year for #11!Robert and Jennifer Melton, Sandy and Rob Melton, Amy, Zip, Arlie, and Jacob Gordon, and Sandy Gordon. And Waylon.

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