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See Will Rogers LIVE in National Portrait Gallery

Humorist Will Rogers takes to the speaker’s stand at the Democratic National Convention June 29, 1932.

It’s been a long journey, but The National Portrait Gallery on-line exhibition “One Life: Will Rogers” has gone live. The exhibition can be viewed on line in both English and Spanish (see links below), Gallery officials announced.

At least two years ago, James Barber, original curator for what would have been the onsite exhibit of a number of our items, spent several days here,” said Jennifer Holt, Will Rogers Memorial Curator.

“The former Historian/Curator of the TIME Collection for the Smithsonian, National Portrait Gallery, went through the Will Rogers Memorial collection and selected what would become the final exhibit,” she said.

Everything was postponed a year because of the pandemic, then it was determined to make it in the current on-line digital presentation.

The portraits portray Will’s life from birth in Indian Territory through his death in an Alaska plane crash and his career as a writer, radio broadcaster, his popularity as a trick roper and actor on stage and screen.

“It is certainly an honor to have Will Rogers’ life depicted in such a prestigious site,” Tad Jones, Will Roger Memorial director, said. “Even if it has gone digital, the new format allows the viewing audience to expand world-wide and in two languages.”

Links to view the exhibit online are in English HERE and Spanish HERE.

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