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Northeast Tech Superintendent named District 20 Superintendent of the Year

The Oklahoma Association of School Administrators (OASA) is pleased to announce Roger Crutchfield of Northeast Technology Center as the 2021 OASA District 20 Superintendent of the Year. Mr. Crutchfield will be recognized at the Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration (CCOSA) Summer Leadership Conference on June 8-10.

OASA annually recognizes outstanding administrators who:

  • demonstrate successful experience in top level educational administration
  • have a sound, dynamic and realistic philosophy of education
  • can inspire and motivate people and give support and recognition for the contributions of others
  • have a record which evidences continued professional and personal growth through appropriate training and experiences including skills in human relations and the stamina to cope with the pressures of the job
  • have the ability to speak for education on all levels with special emphasis on the district level
  • have made contributions to educational administration

“School leaders truly do what matters most for student success,” said Dr. Pam Deering, CCOSA/OASA Executive Director. “These school leaders have led through a pandemic and budget cuts this year along with many other challenges. They have worked tirelessly for students. Roger Crutchfield is among the best of Oklahoma administrators. We are excited and proud to recognize these outstanding leaders.”

OASA has 20 Districts that consist of multiple counties. Eligible OASA members are nominated and selected by their peers in their OASA District.

Crutchfield has been the Superintendent of Northeast Tech since July of 2019. Prior to that appointment, he served ten years as the district’s Deputy Superintendent, during which time he was awarded the title of District 20 Assistant Superintendent of the Year. He is a member of OASA, the Cooperative Council of School Administrators (CCOSA), and the Oklahoma Association of Career and Technical Education (OKACTE). Of the 20 district award winners across the state, Crutchfield is the only one to represent a Career Tech Center.

“It is a privilege to serve the students, businesses and communities across the Northeast Tech district, and it is an honor to be recognized by my peers and colleagues in our region,” said Crutchfield. “The past couple years have certainly not been without challenges, but with a great team by my side, we have worked hard to continue to provide the best education possible for our students, and I believe we will be better for that.”

Visit the CCOSA website to see past Administrator of the Year awardees. For more information about OASA and CCOSA, please visit www.ccosa.org.

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