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Northeast Tech instructor receives Brock Fellowship in Educational Leadership

A truly great teacher keeps working to improve how they teach for their students. Alex Schmidt is one of Northeast Tech’s great teachers who was recently awarded the Brock Fellowship in Educational Leadership.

“Alex Schmidt possesses all the traits of a quality educator,” said Superintendent Roger Crutchfield. “There is an adage that ‘students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.’ Mr. Schmidt’s students definitely know he cares.”

Schmidt is the Automotive Service Technology instructor at the Northeast Tech Pryor Campus. He was selected as a Brock Fellow so he could earn his Master of Science in Educational Leadership with an option in School Administration. During this 18-month program, Brock Fellows will adapt entrepreneurial concepts to help solve problems in their districts, use relevant data to improve student outcomes, and incorporate innovative and collaborative approaches to develop better learning processes for their students.

“I feel like this will benefit my program as well as Northeast Tech,” Schmidt said. “I will be able to take the concepts and strategies I learn directly into my program and our district. This opportunity will help ensure students receive the educational foundation they need to achieve personal and professional success and growth – growth that can deeply influence the rest of their lives.”

Schmidt is not only an instructor at Northeast Tech, but also an alumnus of the program he teaches. He says this program prepared him to be successful in the industry directly out of high school.

“It means so much to receive this award because it will give me the chance to help students on a completely different level and ensure everyone has the same opportunities I had,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt will start the program at Oklahoma State University this fall. This program is designed to allow students to complete the degree and certifications for Principal Certification in Oklahoma. Schmidt will work side-by-side with Northeast Tech’s administration and leadership teams throughout the process.




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