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RoCo Pet Vet Announces Some Changes

You may rely on Rogers County Pet Hospital’s talented team for your beloved furry friends (we do!), and that’s a great choice! However, due to COVID-19, several companies are experiencing delays in manufacturing and shipping. The trickle-down effect is now affecting your local veterinarian.

RoCo Pet Vet is struggling to maintain the normal amount of prescription dog and cat food they carry. (Thanks, COVID.) As of March 1, they will no longer carry Hill’s Science Diet or Royal Canin within the clinic.

Now, that doesn’t mean Fido will starve. You can still order through the online pharmacy at rocopetvet.com: click online store, or you can use the direct link HERE. You can schedule your prescription food and other medications to be delivered directly to your door. Your other option is to pick up a written prescription from Dr. Patton or Dr. Kendrick, and you can use that at other online pet stores or businesses like PetsMart. Written prescriptions are no additional cost and can usually be picked up the same day with a call-ahead request.

All small businesses are struggling these days, and Rogers County Pet Hospital greatly appreciates your support!

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