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Leadership Rogers County Tours Local Schools

Despite COVID19’s impact on schools, the Leadership Rogers County class of 2021 was able to tour multiple educational facilities on Wednesday, November 4. The class started their day at Claremore Public Schools, where Superintendent Brian Frazier gave some history of the Claremore school district and followed with information on projects that the school has on the horizon. Attendees were able to tour Claremont Elementary School, where the highlight was placed on the Innovation STEM lab, one of many located within each elementary school in the Claremore Public Schools district. The Leadership class was also treated to a bus tour that highlighted other campuses in the district and exciting new projects that are under construction.

The next stop was Sequoyah High School, where attendees were welcomed by Superintendent Terry Saul. Proud of his employees and students, Saul was quick to brag about how the school was able to pivot during the pandemic shutdown. Sequoyah Schools were able to broadcast live classes by partnering with RSU TV, allowing students easy access to education. The Leadership class then toured several classrooms at Sequoyah High School, including Family and Consumer Sciences and the Ag Building.

From there, attendees made their way to the Northeast Tech Claremore campus. Superintendent Roger Crutchfield spoke to the group about all the areas that are served by Northeast Tech, from full-time high school students to adult students to business and industry. Claremore Campus Director, Liberty Shere, shared with the group about new programs coming to the Claremore campus, then took the Leadership class on a tour of several classrooms, including the EAST classroom, the CNC machining shop, and the health careers lab.

To end the day, the Leadership class was welcomed at RSU by Dr. Robert Goltra, Vice President for Student Affairs. Dr. Goltra explained everything that is covered under the umbrella of student affairs and placed a strong emphasis on the community relationships that have been built between RSU and the communities served. Vice President for Development of the RSU Foundation, Steve Valencia, explained how the 501c3 organization has helped to award numerous scholarships to students, as well as fund the Hillcat Heroes program, which provided money to students in need during COVID19. Finally, RSU President Larry Rice gave a history of RSU, as well as current enrollment numbers on campus. Rice is proud of how the school has responded to the pandemic, stating that RSU “remained open due to masks, prayer, and good luck.”

The key takeaway from the day is best summed up with a quote from Claremore Public School Superintendent Brian Frasier, who said, “Education is a great equalizer. It levels the playing field for everybody and evokes options for all of us.”

For more information regarding Leadership Rogers County, please visit leadershiprogerscounty.org.

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