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End on a Good One

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While growing up, my baseball (and life) coach would never let us end on a bad one. Maybe it was a bad throw or you bobbled the ball just a bit before making the throw, maybe you didn’t get that bunt exactly right or fouled off the last pitch. Whatever it was, he never let you leave the batting cage or walk off the field ending on a bad one. This is exactly how I feel about 2020.

We can all agree that 2020 has brought us some real zingers and I’m not talking about the Hostess snack cake either. COVID-19, murder hornets, toilet paper shortages, empty grocery store shelves, wildfires, ice storms, virtual learning, coin shortages (still don’t understand this one), Presidential impeachment, Prince Harry saying he’s outta here and quitting the royal family and so many more. What have been your zingers for 2020? Maybe it was a death in the family. Maybe it was a personal struggle you’ve been dealing with. A job, a new job, no job, working more than one job. Maybe you had to move. Had a new child (geriatric parenting) and so many other things that have taken place during this crazy year. Guess what? The year isn’t over yet!!

Yes, I expect more crazy things to happen before 2020 slowing moves along. Especially since it’s an election year but I urge you to end on a good one. You still have time to read that book. Lace up those shoes and start working out. You still have time to see that family member again or take that short family trip. Pray, read the bible, color, paint, take pictures, do a puzzle, call a friend. You have millions of opportunities in front of you. Don’t get so caught up on the negativity of 2020 that you forget you still have time to live. 

John Richardson, Jr. once said that when it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen and those who wonder what happened. It’s time for you and I to make it happen in 2020. We must find the positive that life has to offer and build upon that each & every day as this year comes to an end. 

I know that all sounds easy and somewhat cliche, but it’s true. You should also know, I’m not always the most positive person. I’m more of a “keep it real” type of person. When the sh*t hits the fan, I’ll pretty well tell you that the sh*t has hit the fan. I’ve struggled with multiple lows this year but I’ve also experienced some wonderful highs. I’ve found myself dwelling on the negatives of 2020 but have also seen some of the greatest positives we as humans have to offer.

We basically have two months remaining, friends. Sixty short days until the year that will never be forgotten will end!! How are you going to finish? Find something small or maybe big, choose something important and don’t end on a bad one!!

It felt good to write again. Hopefully I can make this part of my 2020 ending. Until next time, Tell Someone You Love Them Today!! 

-Matt Boyer
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