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Local Author Releases ‘Camelot’ on Amazon

Halloween is right around the corner, but finding spooky fun might be a challenge this year. Cheer up, horror lovers! One of our own local authors, Julie Jones,has penned a tale that is sure to give you chills, and it’s now available for download on Amazon.

In this award-winning short story, an ill-fated thieving mission into the famous and abandoned Camelot hotel leaves a man with more than just his broken dreams to mourn. Despite his better instincts, Jeremy follows his criminal companion through the treacherous building, where they find no copper to steal, but plenty of nightmares.

The Oklahoma Writers Federation 2020 Contest Winner for Horror, this story takes you deep into the historic, ruined hotel that only appears to be uninhabited. Will they make it out alive, or will darkness reign supreme on a sweltering August afternoon?

Local history buffs will appreciate the setting, and thriller fans will love the goosebumps. Don’t miss out on 18 pages of horrifying entertainment. Only $0.99 to download, and free for Kindle Unlimited members! Order it HERE! 

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