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How YOU Can be Part of ZipperQ!

Claremore’s favorite family-friendly barbecue competition will be held Saturday, October 3….but it definitely looks different this year.

Like most everything, ZipperQ is going virtual!

Here’s how it works: if you’re a cooking team and you’re eager to cook for a crowd like you have at ZipperQ in years past, it’s a $100 entry fee. You cook up your grub (whatever you want, however much you want!) and then deliver it at 3p on October 3 to a local non-profit organization. If you choose this route, you will be contacted after you sign up to choose the group you’d like to feed. Please note, if the organization your team is cooking for is able to make a donation, feel free to ask for $10 per plate as a donation to ZipperQ.

Maybe you’re not a pro cooking team but still want to help raise funds for FOP research? No worries! You can simply donate $100, and cook for whomever you want. Have some friends over to your backyard, and cook some burgers. It doesn’t have to be barbecue. You don’t even have to donate it to a non-profit.

Either route you choose, with a $100 donation, you will receive a Zip-on-a-Stick! We’re asking everyone to take a photo with their organization (or the friends you cooked for) at 3p on October 3 and post them to the ZipperQ facebook page.

The deadline to order ZipperQ shirts is September 14. Upon completion, shirts can be picked up at Melton Sales. Order your ZipperQ gear HERE! 

If you’re not a cook but really want to help this important cause, sponsorships are still available in all price ranges. Click HERE to donate! You can also donate $50 and receive two short-sleeved ZipperQ t-shirts.

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