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Can Your Hail Damage be Covered by Insurance? Auto Hail Repair Group Shows You How

Brock Mulder has been specializing in Auto Hail Repair for 10 years all over the country.
He prides himself on running an honest body shop that provides a showroom quality repair and 100% guarantee on all repairs. He stands by his business motto, Hail Repair Done Right!

Brock believes that repairing your vehicle from hail damage shouldn’t be a hassle or cost the customer anything out of pocket. Therefore, he implemented deductible assistance to assist all customers with their deductible.

Brock’s goal for all his customers is complete customer satisfaction.

Their Process is Easy!

Step 1. We gather information about your vehicle and insurance.
Step 2. Either you bring your car to us or we come and get your car. We will identify all dents that need repairs.
Step 3. We arrange for a loaner vehicle or deliver a loaner vehicle to you. The loaner vehicle is disinfected and wiped down before delivery.
Step 4. We repair your car, detail it, disinfect and wipe down the interior of your vehicle.
Step 5. You pick up your vehicle or we return it to you at your location.


Call Brock today at 1(855) 442-4547 or swing by their Claremore location at the Melton Gallery, 607 W. 4th Street in Claremore!


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