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RoCo Art Crawl is now Virtual!

Grace Ballard (left) was recently presented the “Healthy Community Partnership Champion Award” by two HCP members, Darlene Passmore-Armstrong (center) and Mendy Stone (right). Ballard earned the award for her outstanding leadership in creating the RoCo Art Crawl fundraiser.

The RoCo Art Crawl supporting the Healthy Community Partnership is back for the Spring 2020 season in virtual form.  The event has kicked off as a Facebook Fundraiser on the Healthy Community Partnership Facebook page and runs through June 2nd. Participating artists are currently being sought and the work of featured artist, Darlene Passmore-Armstrong, is already being virtually displayed for sale at https://www.facebook.com/donate/227406565342250/2859619457406879/

Supporters are encouraged to view and purchase art as it becomes available and is posted by our other participating artists.  20% of all art sales will go to the Healthy Community Partnership and 80% to the artist. If there is no more room in your life for art, then you can simply make a donation through the fundraiser.

When purchasing art throughout the virtual crawl the purchaser will pay for it through the donation button on the HCP Facebook page and send a message through the page indicating that the purchase has been made. Arrangements will be made to get the art piece to the purchaser by mail if an address is provided or by delivery or pickup once it is deemed safe to do so.

“Part of our vision is to help Rogers County youth be safe and successful and research shows that providing protective factors for our youth can have a positive impact,” said Passmore-Armstrong.  “Childhood trauma is a harsh reality but we can offset the negative effects by offering positive community events like this one and the opportunity for creativity so we especially encourage young artists to participate,” added Passmore-Armstrong. 

To participate as an artist of any age please contact Foundations Behavioral Health at info@foundationsbehavioralhealth.com   Potential artists will be provided with instructions regarding the virtual posting of their art and an agreement/waiver form. 

Two of the bands sponsored by Foundations Behavioral Health (Fisk and Susie Quiroz) are planning live stream performances through the HCP Facebook page for donations to the cause. The dates and times will be announced on the Facebook pages for Foundations Behavioral Health and Healthy Community Partnership. Supporters are encouraged to “Like/Follow” the Facebook pages for both organizations as well as the Facebook pages for the two bands for the latest information. Any other musicians interested in streaming live for donations (musician gets 80% and HCP 20%) please contact Foundations Behavioral Health at info@foundationsbehavioralhealth.org

The mission of the Healthy Community Partnership is to achieve lasting positive environmental change in Rogers County to prevent substance  abuse and promote overall wellness for youth and across the lifespan. 



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