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City of Claremore Announces Additional Public Safety Measures in Response to COVID-19

In light of the first confirmed COVID-19 case in Rogers County, the Claremore Police Department (CPD) and Claremore Fire Department (CFD) announce additional measures to help keep citizens, officers and firefighters safe.

Both departments have implemented precautionary measures to keep police and fire officials safe and healthy because working from home is not an option for first responders.  Measures include: reducing non-essential public activities such as station tours, pre-fire plans and attendance at events of 10 or more people.  

Both CPD and CFD have closed their office to visitors, and modified response models for citizens to direct non-emergency needs to the police department at 918-341-1212 and the fire department at (918) 341-1477. Reports and documents will be handled by phone and email in every case possible to reduce COVID-19 exposure to citizens and officers.  Both departments will continue to respond to emergency needs and recommend citizens who call for services through 911 advise the dispatcher whether they or a person in their household has COVID-19 so appropriate precautions can be taken to prevent community spread.

“This hits home for all of us and it is normal to feel uneasy and insecure. I want to assure citizens that the Claremore Police Department is steadfast in our mission and commitment to serve, while continuing to promote safety and security during these trying times,” said Stan Brown, Claremore Chief of Police.

Both departments have contingency plans in place to continue to cover all shifts and areas of the community if officers and firefighters are infected and required to stay home. Additionally, CFD is conducting temperature screens to monitor employee health, and CPD will start temperature screens this week.

“Like many others we are concerned about the limited supply of personal protection equipment and encourage both our officers and everyone they contact to be conscious of the need for social distancing,” said Sean Douglas, Fire Chief and Emergency Management Director.

Both the CPD and CFD urge citizens to comply with the new Safer at Home order that went into effect March 29, 2020. More information on the City’s response to COVID-19 can be found at www.claremorecity.com/584/COVID-19-Updates.

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