Claremore City Manager Requests – Day of Prayer



We are facing a time of physical and emotional strain as a City, State and Nation. The worldwide uncertainty and cause of the many unknowns with coronavirus (COVID-19) and the pandemic spreading rapidly has caused me to ponder the need for our City to petition for Heavenly Father’s assistance.

We have all witnessed anxiety, fear, and turmoil that extends to families, businesses, churches, schools, first responders, and so many more. We are all doing our part to avoid social contact and minimizing interaction with those with compromised immune systems. Although we are doing our best to help our neighbors and friends as needs arise, it is clear that we need Heavens assistance.

Once a month we gather here at City Hall and ask the Almighty God for protection and blessings to be with our community leaders, first responders, families and youth. I am grateful for your thoughts and prayers and have witnessed many miracles in our community. Today, the situation before us is beyond our control, our citizens are scared, our children are confused with the additional spring vacation, and the storms of life feel heavy. When I am faced with tough decisions effecting the lives of our citizens, employees or businesses, my desire for divine guidance requires me to bow my head, kneel in prayer, and ask for God’s direction and divine assistance.

At 10:00 am on Sunday, March 29, 2020, I am requesting we each set aside a time to pray, with the intent to bring hope and unity to our City, State and Nation. I kindly ask each of you to gather your children, your spouse and your grandchildren and together pray for the citizens of our community and nation to gain a sense of peace, for a swift flattening of the curve, and a complete recovery from this illness for our entire nation. Please pray for our doctors, nurses, medical professionals and scientists that they may not only draw upon their knowledge, but also petition Heavenly Father for divine inspiration as to how to best end this crisis.

Claremore is a strong tight-knit community and we have partnered together many times during hardships, may we ever continue to do so as we continue to endure this trial. Your faith, thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.

Sincerely, James H. Thomas City Manager

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Day of Prayer Letter 3-26-2020