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Tell Someone I Love You Today: The Circus

Welcome to the circus. The circus at the EyebrowB operation anyway. Now this is not your normal circus. There are no lions, tigers, elephants or clowns. Just me, my wonderful wife Erica, daughter McKenzie, son Gus and the miraclebean that will be arriving January 2020 (to be named later).

We co-own and operate a fifth generation Hereford cattle ranch know as Beacon Hill Ranch. I teach agriculture education at a local high school and Erica is a surgical nurse while also serving in the Oklahoma Air National Guard. We are passionate about agriculture, country, cattle and family.

I look forward to telling you our story and many more. So if you’re interested in cattle, kids, ranching, teaching, cancer, geriatric parenting, and life in general, then you’re in the right place. I hope you will enjoy what lies ahead and will share this with your family and friends. I also hope you will tell someone I love you today. Until next time.

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