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Robots, Flying Cars, and Fighting for Love – Cheers to 2020

Tomorrow is the last day of the year. The last day of the decade. Then begins 2020.  (Side note, am I the only one who can’t say “2020” in their head without using a Barbara Walters impression?)

I remember when we were kids and the year 2020 sounded like some futuristic time when we’d all be living like The Jetsons with our robots and flying cars. I guess we kind of are, (Alexa, play The Jetsons theme song.) But it’s also nothing like I anticipated as a kid.

Remember when we all thought the world was basically going to end with Y2K? Yet here we are living in a time when we’ll have to explain to our children and grandchildren that we actually lived in the 1900s. Without internet or smart phones, with only giant video cameras to document our special occasions, and windsuits to protect us from the weather. When we had to go to a store to rent movies (and to be kind, rewind), and buy the latest music on cassette or CD. I imagine they’ll think of us in the same way I think of the first settlers in America.

But what a time to be alive, am I right? That is, if you like the constant bickering of strangers online over politics and religion. Or the threat of potentially being shot or stabbed in a public setting for doing something you love. Okay, before this gets any darker, and unfortunately it can, I’m going to redirect.

Because here’s my hope for 2020 and beyond. And when I say hope, I sincerely believe and have faith that this is possible. I’m an eternal optimist, regardless of how dire things seem.

I believe that we can do better. That we can raise our children to be not divisive and angry and judgmental, but supportive, open-minded and kind. To everyone. I believe in our innate humanity, and that we have far more common ground with one another than people often want to admit.

I believe we can do a better job of not just seeking out positivity in the world, but creating it. That the spirit of generosity that seems to come with the Christmas season is something that will be carried forward throughout the year. Giving to charities, donating goods and money to the less fortunate, taking time to love others, volunteering in our communities. I believe we can instill in future generations the importance of these things at a young age, so that they can begin to turn the tides. But it starts with us, and it starts today.

I hope while you’re making resolutions this year, you’ll considering adding something that’s not just going to make you better, but make the people around you, and the world better, too.

Let’s not allow the cowardly and hateful acts of a few further divide us, but rather unite us to fight for the good. Because not perceived power, nor wealth, nor fame, but only love is worth fighting for.

2020 has all the potential to be an ugly year, as most election years do. Let’s do everything we can to rise above, inspire, encourage, protect, show kindness, laugh, and more than anything, to love harder than we ever have before.

Cheers to 2020 and the decade ahead!

My Life, Elevated

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