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Melton Motor Company Presents ‘George Melton Legacy Award’

Melton Motor Company has been selling something on the corner of 4th and Missouri for nearly 75 years. Our goal is more than just being good salespeople or service workers.  It’s about who we are. It’s about how we live our lives.

There are five qualities that we aim to achieve: Authenticity, Relationship, Grit, Fun, and Quality. Very rarely do you come across people in life who represent all five of these qualities. But we have some among us who live these qualities on a daily basis. Over the years, the Melton Motor Company has experienced some of the highest of highs and some of the lowest of lows. There have been years when we’ve been on the cutting edge of technology and leading the entire auto industry…and there have been years where we didn’t know if it might be our last.  

Through all of this, three people have been inspirational leaders calling us to look to the future. They are encouraging mentors who teach us the right way to live and do business. They are faithful friends who walk shoulder to shoulder with us, and they are bright lights to help show the way.

The George Melton Legacy Award will be awarded each year to those who truly understand what it means to live the “Melton Way,” and there are no better examples of that than Sandy, Rob, and Larry Melton. Through the years they have demonstrated to us, by example, how to live and work “the Melton Way.” We couldn’t be who we are without each of them being an integral part of the work that we continue to do at Melton Motor Company. 

Congratulations to Sandy, Rob, and Larry, the recipients of the inaugural George Melton Legacy Award!

-by Amy Gordon


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