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Death and Dying, Funerals and Farewells: What You Need to Know

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Every couple of years or so, I facilitate a discussion group that talks about that subject that no one wants to talk about: death, and a few of the related topics. The motivation for promoting the gathering stems from my experience that most people spend more time thinking about, and planning for, their next dentist visit than they do their… demise.

Where is the key to the safety deposit box? Which child should get great-grandma’s rolling pin, that was passed on to me? Where do I want to be buried? Do I want to be buried? How does one plan a funeral, anyway? Who will write my obituary? If I’m diagnosed with a terminal illness, what are my options? What about this “pre-planning” that I hear about? Is it just another way for funeral homes to make more money?

To help us sort through much of the clutter surrounding our topic, I’ve enlisted the aid of Dr. Helen Franklin, MD, and Jackie Shurden, a funeral director at Rice Funeral Services. First Christian Church (5th & Florence) has graciously agreed to host our evening, which will take place on Tuesday, November 19th, at 6:30. Please reserve your seat by calling me at 417-399-4281.

 -submitted by Jerry Book

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