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Claremore’s ZipperQ Reaches ONE MILLION DOLLAR Mark

The feeling of small town America is most present when a community comes together for a cause. Reaching out and supporting, volunteering, and giving to others in the town creates this feeling. In 2012, when we held the first ZipperQ event, our family and friends were overwhelmed with pride in our community. The event was successful and has now become an annual tradition in Claremore.

This past weekend, we held our eight ZipperQ BBQ throwdown. It was, once again, an amazing day! The threat of storms came and went throughout the event; however, it held off until we were finished. It was an afternoon of great games, fantastic music, and amazing BBQ.

We received word over the summer that our total giving to the IFOPA was $922,000 through ZipperQ. We were $78,000 shy of meeting the million-dollar mark. Was it possible for Claremore, OK, to raise $1 million dollars for research and patients and families with FOP in just eight events?

#MillionDollarZipperQ was born and the fundraising continued. Throughout our events over the years, our family has been encouraged and supported by so many. $5 donations, $10 donations, $20 donations. Sponsorships. Volunteers. Partners. This year was no different and we’re proud to say that we surpassed the ONE MILLION DOLLAR goal!

As a family living with this disease that turns muscles, joints, and connective tissue to bone, we had no idea our journey would lead us here when Zip was diagnosed. We are honored and humbled at the generosity of others supporting the FOP cause. We are proud of our community, proud of both of our kiddos, and proud of each other. We are hopeful that an effective treatment will soon be found for Zip and all the others living with FOP. Claremore can rest easy knowing they have had a large part in helping fund the research that is developing.

Thank you to all of those who have helped along the way by being part of this ride with us. Congratulations to all who helped make the million dollar mark!

Much love and mark your calendars for October 3rd, 2020 for ZipperQ 9!

Zip’s momma

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