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Congratulations to Claremore’s Mark Neal!

We would like to celebrate a milestone for Claremore’s Mark Neal! Mark has been a machinist in Claremore for the past 20 years. He got his start working for McClain’s MFG, where he played in the company softball league. His former boss, Tony McClain, to this day declares that Mark was “the best employee he had. If there was a deadline to be met, he met it!” McClain’s shut down in the early 2000s. But John and Kevin Brumley at Reliable MFG saw something in Mark and hired him right on the spot.

Mark worked for Reliable MFG for 10 years but found his home at Tri-State Sales. A lot of his work is spread out all over the globe and he’s made specialized parts for the Army, Nascar, the railroad, oil rigs, Boeing and American Airlines, just to name a few.

Congratulations, Mark, on 20 years of success!

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