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Read This if You’re Sending a Kid to College

Sending a kiddo off to college this week. She says to me last night, “I think the hardest thing will be not having the excuse… “My parents said I can’t” to keep me safe.”

When I left my mom’s house, it was by her locking the door and saying never come back. It was followed by court room battles, foster care, a pregnancy, rejection, and growth.

It was sure one portion of what shaped me into who I am today and that is not always easy – for any of us.

I’m thankful our girl’s leaving looks different. I’m thankful it’s sad for Daniel and me. I’m thankful it’s hard for her siblings. I’m thankful she is aware of its significance.

Letting go of people you truly love should be hard.

Listen, I don’t know how to do a lot of things the Word says to do. How do we go to a brother when we have an issue – when that never works out. How do we love the hurting, when we always get wronged? How do we serve the poor and homeless, when if feels like they never change? How can we always be perfect so no one will never get hurt? And when we hurt, does love really keep no record of wrong?

I just don’t always understand. But i know God is faithful. I know our hearts deceive us more than we know. And I know God’s word is truth, never returning void.

I will say this. The sacrifice to love your children deeply, matters – of this I can be sure. It was easy with Alli Beth.

It’s been really hard with others.

There have been seasons where it’s been easy with them all, and there have been seasons of betrayal and heartbreak. But the way we react to them, is how they’ll react to others and I want to teach them that grace overspills, over and over and over again.

-by Kati Gibson

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