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School Supplies: Will Rogers Junior High

Will Rogers Junior High 

2019-2020 Supply List

Specific classroom supplies will be requested by teachers for individual course classes.

(during the first week of school)


Student Binder (zipper or velcro) 

College ruled notebook paper


Colored Pencils


Red Pens 

Blue or Black Pens

Glue sticks


6th Grade Students: Combination or Key Lock for Locker (not required but highly recommended)


Optional: (to be given to homeroom teacher)

2 boxes Kleenex

Hand Sanitizer

Paper Towels

EXPO Dry Erase Markers


* Some classes, including electives, will have special supplies and projects during the course of the year that will require additional items

*Fees will be collected for Tech Engineering and Art

Art supply donations that would be greatly appreciated: Poster board, sketch pad, copy paper, construction paper, markers, sharpie’s, glue sticks (to be given to art teacher)


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