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Claremore’s Citizens Police Academy: Ashley’s Thoughts

I recently completed the Claremore Police Department’s Citizens Police Academy. Now, before you ask the question everyone else has asked, NO, I’m not allowed to arrest people now. So you’re safe.

The class met for 11 Tuesday evenings in a row at the Claremore Community Center. In the past, I had been unable to attend on Tuesdays, and I was a little wary about 11 weeks; I mean, that’s a big commitment. But I’m so glad I did it! I learned a lot, met some new folks, and had a great time.

Led by Capt. Milburn Litterell and Deputy Chief Steve Cox, the course was informative and entertaining. Each week covered a different topic, and usually a guest speaker was present. We heard from District Attorney Matt Ballard, and a host of officers and detectives from CPD. One of them even volunteered to be tased, so we could see what it was like. #betterhimthanme

We learned about investigative techniques and warrants. We learned WHY officers serve warrants at 6:05a. We heard about cases that happened right here in Claremore. We participated in domestic assault scenarios, got to take a trip to the gun range, and even got to chase down “bad guys” while driving a police car. We also got a crash course in how to “sweep” a building.

The class was free to attend. The goal is for everyday citizens like you and me to understand police techniques, and WHY officers do what they do. I’m the daughter of a longtime LEO, so I’ve always held them favorably, but the Citizens Police Academy truly explained a lot of the mystery of police work.

Applications will be accepted starting December 1, with the first session held the last Tuesday in February 2020. For more information, please contact Capt. Milburn Litterell at mlitterell@claremorecity.com.

-by MCM Staffer Ashley,
who would make a terrible police officer


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