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Remy’s Chop Shop in Claremore: Tastiest Tacos in Town

Listen, I could go on and on about this new hip, fun, incredible place called Remy’s Chop Shop in The Cornerstone Building, but as I write this I can’t find words to fully describe the amazing freshness, flavor, and soul in their food. Some lesser writers would give up, maybe cry a little into their Fat Nachos, but not me… so buckle up! 

Remy’s (as the cool kids call it) is owned and operated by Jessica and Jeremy Vargas. They reside in Pryor, Oklahoma, the home of the original Remy’s Chop Shop

“We have been making our smoked meats since 2005 when we began competing in BBQ competitions. It wasn’t until 2016 that we set up shop in a small location in Pryor.”

In that small kitchen, Remy’s began slinging tacos and not much more to their patrons. Jeremy said it was a conscience decision to keep the menu simple, keep the food fresh, and make customer service a top priority. 

Jeremy said, “We want people to have a positive and enjoyable experience from the door to the table and back again. Keeping our menu simple allows us to keep our ingredients fresh and at the highest level of flavor.”

Speaking of flavor, if you haven’t taken the time to stop by the Claremore location, drop everything and head that way. Their menu features three different meats (Pork, Chicken and Brisket), three signature sauces (Chop Sauce, Green and Red), queso, hand-chopped pico de gallo, quesadillas, and even a healthier tortilla-less bowl option. 

Jeremy said, “Between the two locations, we are using about 200 lbs tomatoes, 200 lbs avocados, and 80 lbs of onions per week. We smoke all of our meat daily in a 15-hour process and slow cook 80 lbs of chicken a day.” 

**Writer’s NOTE: I have had the Fat Nachos, the Chubarino Burrito and the Keto Bowl. Each are unique in flavor and leave you beyond full! I highly recommend trying all the sauces and switching up between the combos of meats with said sauces.

Remy’s Chop Shop was excited to come to Claremore, but didn’t expect the incredibly warm welcome. 

Jeremy said, “Our expectations were high, but Claremore has surpassed them in every way. We opened slow and started a build and have been so happy that people are happy. Making food is our love language and keeping our customers pleased is our goal. I want people to enjoy the same home-cooked rice I’ve been eating my whole life. I want my 50-year-old family recipes to bring joy to everyone the way they have for me.”

If you have been in Remy’s, you will notice they are already expanding and hope to continue to grow, both with indoor seating and when the weather gets nice, patio seating as well. 

I can’t recommend them enough and if I had to say one bad thing about this place, it’s that it isn’t open 24 hours! There, I said it. 

Remy’s is located at 609 S. Brady St. in The Cornerstone Building. Follow them on Facebook for updates and events. They also have their full menu right there at your fingertips. Call about catering options and lunchtime delivery!

-by MCM Staffer Travis

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