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Motivation Monday: How to Not be Hungry All the Time

Ever Go Through Stages When You’re Hungry ALL The Time?
~ Here’s Exactly What To Do. ~

Whether it’s due to hormonal fluctuations, changes in the seasons, shifts in the microbiome, or a concerted effort to snack less and maintain a healthier weight, we all go through periods of time when we’re hungry—all. the. time.

And it can be an internal debate: Should you give in or not? It’s never a good idea to restrict yourself, mostly because it can end up leading to bingeing. But it can also be hard to see what, exactly, is leading to this insatiable hunger. Why don’t you feel satisfied?

Diets don’t typically work, and ultimately, there are better ways to curb your appetite—especially your cravings for sugar and carbohydrates—and maintain your happy weight. The trick? Eating nutrient-dense foods that send signals to your brain that you are satisfied.

If you’ve already eaten a healthy meal and you’re still wanting to raid the pantry, try one or a few of these 10 tips:

1. Eat more fish.

2. Enjoy the proteins.

3. Fill up with grains.

4. Eat more greens.

5. Munch on legumes.

6. Add a variety of nuts.

7. Feed yourself healthy fats.

8. Enjoy a little fruit.

9. Use a small plate.

10. Eat mindfully.

(By Eva Selhub, M.D.)

-from Fitness with Carrie

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