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Blessed Mamas Can be Stressed Mamas

Sometimes (okay, lots of times) blessed mamas can also be stressed mamas. In the few hours since waking up I’ve already spilled my coffee, burned the toast, mediated a brother/sister squabble, trusted a four year old to brush her own teeth and pick her clothes out, yelled at kids to get shoes on, and made “cereal in a ziplock baggie in the car and yesterday’s bottle of water still in the cup holder” an acceptable breakfast choice.

There’s nothing quite like a rushed drop off at school after a hectic morning to make the all-familiar mom guilt set in. Some days I rock it out, but most days I slide into bedtime thinking about all of the things I could’ve done better. I look at their sweet, sleeping faces and wish I’d kissed and hugged them more instead of focusing on the logistics of parenting.

I’m sure I’m not alone in these thoughts. Every parent walks the tightrope between getting their kids to school on time (with clean hair and faces and signed permission slips and completed homework) without turning into a deranged drill sergeant.

So, cheers to the Mamas and Daddy’s who continue to fight the good fight every day – to raise good citizens and keep our sanity in the midst of it all…and remember that perfection has no place in parenting.

-by Stacey Dodson

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