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Claremont School Supplies List: 5th Grade

2 reams copy paper
2 packages highlighters
2 packages colored pencils
2 packages EXPO dry erase markers
4 boxes Kleenex
1 pencil bag
5 plastic folders
1 pair scissors
1 package binder/dividers (optional)
5 composition books (not spirals)
12 glue sticks
2 packages #2 Ticonderoga pencils
1 package index cards
2 packages pencil-top erasers or large pink erasers
1 container antibacterial wipes
1 box of zip-top bags (any size)
1 small pencil sharpener
fun size M&Ms or Skittles (for math and science labs)
1 box Band-Aids

Girls: paper towels

Boys: paper plates

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