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Last-Minute Christmas Hacks!

Now, some of these are just plain ridiculous. But some would be handy. We’ll let you decide.

1. Use Command hooks to attach wreaths to a door without leaving unsightly holes. (I actually just put a wreath on my front door for the first time ever, and this is how I did it. Works well, so far.)



2. If you’ve got holes or blank spaces in your tree, use green tinsel garland to fill in the gaps.


3. Use plastic cups to store your ornaments. Then you can play beer pong when they’re not in use. We just wrap everything in old Target and Dollar General plastic bags and it works just fine. If something breaks, it’s not a huge deal because the ornament likely came from Target or Dollar General in the first place.


4. For the smaller, delicate ornaments which demand special attention (not Target bags), you can store them in egg cartons.


5. Keep light from turning into a tangled mess by wrapping them on plastic hangers. We had some leftover lights this year that I tried this with. You can call me next Christmas when I get them out again and ask if it worked.


6. Are you making gingerbread cookies? (No, I’m not. Nobody likes gingerbread except my mother.) If you are, turn them into ornaments by layering coat after coat after coat of varnish on them!


7. Since you’re not eating them anyway, drill holes in the poor gingerbread guys and make a garland! I have no clue how you’re supposed to drill holes in them without them falling apart. I will not have to worry about it, because gingerbread will never enter my home. These also remind me of voodoo dolls.

enhanced-buzz-6162-1386951380-68. You’ve got absolutely nothing but spare time on your hands this time of year, so why not just give yourself a fancy Christmas manicure with 19 easy steps?


9. Give cookies in old saran wrap boxes. I’m not sure how I feel about this. You have to rip out the blood-inducing metal tear strip, and paint and/or decorate the box. In addition, you can’t make the cookies very large, or they won’t fit. But I see the brilliance behind it, too.


10. Freeze whipped cream on a cookie sheet, then use a cookie cutter to make shapes for hot chocolate! First of all, I don’t own any cookie cutters. And whipped cream tastes the same, no matter which shape it’s in. And who wants to wait for the whipped cream to freeze before you can drink the hot chocolate? P.S. If you’re an adult, this has been my new favorite hot chocolate recipe this season.


11. Speaking of hot chocolate, you can make it (and French toast) in a crock pot for Christmas morning simplicity. You’d need two crock pots, obviously.



12. Fill up your food processor with candy canes, smash them to bits, and add them to everything! (Hot chocolate. Martini rims. Ice cream.)


13. Before you crush ALL the candy canes, keep a few if you’re hosting a party. Glue them together to make place card holders. I bet you could varnish them like you did with the gingerbread men and they’ll last for all of eternity.


14. Clip branches from your Christmas tree to easy decor. Then you can fill in the blank spaces with your fancy green tinsel!


15. Use your leftover Halloween pumpkins to make snowmen! Okay, I admit…there is still a pumpkin on my porch. I tried to throw it out and it’s basically a time-bomb of pumpkin goo. I need to get a bag to scoop it up but I keep forgetting. So HOW are people using pumpkin mush balls to make snowmen?


16. Attach rope to your presents to make a handle. First, I have no idea how you would do this. Second, here’s another idea: GIFT BAG.


17. If you have a porch Christmas tree, decorate it with a simple burlap garland. This looks easy. This, I can support.


18. Make delicious snowman cookies with pretzel rings, fruit roll-ups and frosting! Um, no. That does not sound like a good combination. And if I have to get out the tweezers to bake something, it’s not happening.



19. Entertain the kids with homemade Snow Slime! It’s got three ingredients. I can handle that, too.


20. If your wallet is feeling the strain this year, try making candy sleighs for cheap and easy gifts.


21. Make a fun drink for the kids with green sherbet and Sprite. They can drink that while you indulge in my favorite adult hot chocolate.


22. Use Cheerios to make donuts for your Elf on the Shelf! This looks dainty. Like tweezers might be needed. Nope.


23. While you’re busy making wee fake donuts, you can also master the art of Christmas tree napkin folding. Here’s a video tutorial.


Hopefully some of these will make the holiday season easier. Or they’ve made you feel badly about yourself since you’re refusing to indulge in activities involving tweezers (unless it involves eyebrows). If that’s the case, cheers to you and your adult hot chocolate.

Happy holidays!

-MCM Staffer Ashley,

who isn’t a total Scrooge






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