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Being a Woman in a Man’s World 

corporateWith the stress and challenges of the “corporate real world” these days, I fear women have lost their sense of what it means to be a woman. Women have their own beauty, attitudes, and sensitivity that a man doesn’t even know how to possess. So today I want to give some simple, practical ideas on how to be feminine in a man’s corporate world.

1. Remember the Little Things – 
What I mean by this is keep in mind sometimes the little things make all the difference. A few examples would be try a new lipstick shade, shock everyone one day and wear a skirt or dress that shows a little shape, or try some new earrings you wouldn’t normally pick out. Sometimes switching some of the little details can change the entire look – for the better! 

2. SMILE! 
Oh my goodness, with the rising costs of food and housing and childcare, the stress families go through is unreal. So I challenge you to SMILE today – a big, juicy, show-all-your-teeth smile and see how it feels. Some people have forgotten how to do it completely! And yet this one little thing will not only bring life to your face, but has been proven to have a host of other health benefits too, including lower blood pressure. 

3. Laugh Today! 
Laughter is like sneezing – you may not always see it coming, but afterwards you feel so much better! I’m convinced most of us take life too seriously – and those who work a corporate job are at times too intense for their own good. There is nothing that will catch the attention of others like a woman’s laugh. Try it, I dare you. Laugh out loud in your break room and see if others don’t poke their head in and want to know what’s so funny. A woman’s laughter is one of those things that awakens a man’s heart and will set you apart from others. 

I challenge you to NOT go with the flow – be different! It’s a wonderful thing to be known in your workplace as the lady who wears red lipstick or has a great taste in shoes. With all the busy bees in our world today, take a moment from the routine and stand out! 

If you’d like another woman’s perspective on anything fashion, skin care or cosmetic, send me a message on my website! 

Kendyl Heins 






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