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Go Naked or Cover Up?

nakedI recently met with a lady whom I’ve known for several years and she remarried a few months ago. She said to me in our conversation (with a little sass I might add), “Ever since I got remarried I’ve let my face go naked, so I rarely wear makeup anymore.” And I have to admit – my first, raw, honest thought was, “Your poor husband.”
Of course, I didn’t say that to her, and when I recanted this story to my husband, he asked me, “Why didn’t you say that? I think that makes a good point.” And so began the conversation I want to share with you. Maybe I’m biased because I work for Mary Kay Cosmetics, but here’s the dish on my personal opinion about whether or not you should “go naked or cover up.”
Please note my thoughts are for those who have the choice to wear makeup or not. I completely understand there are certain religious beliefs that hinder some women from wearing makeup, and I’ll touch on that in a minute.
My personal belief is that makeup is meant to complement the natural, God-given features you already posses. If you love your eyes, flaunt them through color; if your smile is flawless, wear a lip color to draw attention to it; if your freckles are your best feature, make sure everyone can see them! Makeup is meant to enhance, not replace.
That being said, let’s have an honest moment. My mom said it best when I overheard her have a similar conversation to the one I had with my friend. When her customer said she didn’t wear makeup, my mom looked her straight in the face and said, “That may be the case, but the truth is your husband looks at women who wear makeup.
My jaw fell open because I felt that was a pretty bold response! But then I began to think about it and realized she’s right. Everywhere your husband goes he’s surrounded by women who have decided to paint their face, for lack of a better picture. Want more proof of the power of makeup? Just google, “makeup on one side of the face” and be prepared to be blown away. 
Okay, let’s digest this for a moment. What are some of the pros and cons of wearing makeup? My #1 is that it helps with confidence. No one can deny that we act differently when we know we look and feel good. Other pros are that it can cover up some skin issues you may have (like acne) while you’re working on clearing the issue up with skin care. It can also draw attention to an attractive area of your face while distracting from a not-so-flattering area. And lastly, makeup can be an avenue to open up a world of possibilities and creativity.

Some cons are that learning to apply makeup correctly can take time and will definitely get you out of your routine and force you to create a new habit. It will also inevitably cost more because mascara and eyeliner – among other items – don’t last as long as skin care. There’s also the possibility you could overdo it and be uncomfortable from the odd stares you get.
“What if I try it and hate it?” Oh, but darling, what if you try it and love it?
So what if your beliefs prevent you from applying makeup? Then please hear me clearly: if this is the case your skin care routine needs to be your #1 priority!! Because things like foundation protect your skin from the elements, removing that barrier will accelerate your aging process, so your skin care dedication is a must. 
Whether your decide to go naked or cover up for your daily routine, please make sure you do the essentials regularly – like wear sunscreen, exfoliate, and moisturize. Your skin will thank you! 
Ready to start a new routine? Let’s get together – I’m here for you. 

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