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Summer Trend Alert: Part Two

summerI hope you’ve enjoyed reading my “pink thoughts” as we call them in Mary Kay, and also that you’ve learned something, too! We talked last time about summer trends of COLOR for your eyes and skin tone, and this time let’s talk about your lips and cheeks. Ready? Set. Go!

Whether you have thin or thick lips naturally, one fact is that they will get thinner as you get older, so take my advice and enjoy them right where they are! One other fact is that our lips naturally have some pigment to them, and it will always add to the lipstick or lipgloss shade we try. Have you ever bought a lipstick at the local drugstore, only to find when you got home it “turned orange”? That would be your natural lip color mixing it up! 

So how do you outsmart your lips? Before any lip products are applied, take your concealer and put it alllllll over your lips. Concealer will…well, conceal your natural lip shade and give you true color from your lipstick or gloss. From here you will also be able to give the illusion of fuller or smaller lips by lining with a lip pencil. 
My suggestion: Mary Kay concealer is the best! It’s pigmented enough to cover up tattoos and is waterproof once it sets.

Thin lips? Line just barely outside your natural lip line – just barely. No need to go crazy or it’ll  announce to others you tried too hard! From there, completely fill in your lips with a neutral or clear lip liner. I know, I know – who wears lip liner anymore, right? Well if you want the appearance of fuller lips, it’ll just have to be our little secret. Lastly, finish off with your favorite shade of lipstick or gloss. 
My suggestion: Mary Kay clear lip liner goes with every shade and keeps ’90’s lip liner nightmares away! 

Full lips? As you may guess, after applying concealer, line your lips just below the natural lip line. Then follow the steps above accordingly. 

A note on red lips: to keep a red lip from smearing, the above steps are a must! Also, know that red lipstick can come with an orange, blue, or neutral undertone. An orange undertone will make you seem younger, and a blue undertone will make your teeth look whiter. A red with a neutral undertone will appear more subtle. You’ll just have to play with them each to see what you like best.
My suggestion: Mary Kay lip color in Really Red or Sizzling Red.

If I got a dollar for each of the young ladies I’ve met who have said, “I’ve never tried cheek color,” I’d be rich. Cheek color is a best-kept secret to youth! It warms up your face and keeps you from looking washed out. 

Not sure what to do? If you have pink in your skin, use a blush with a neutral or orange undertone (Bronzer may also be your friend). The other skin tones can wear it all. Take your cheek color and make the fish face! You laugh, but it makes your cheek bones show up! Start at your hairline and apply your blush right along your cheekbones – just no closer than two finger widths from your nose, otherwise it’ll draw attention to your nose (and who wants that?). Got too much and feel like a clown?? No worries, just apply foundation on top to mute it out. Try one side and look in a mirror. See the difference? Voila! 
My suggestion: Mary Kay cheek color in Sunny Spice or Bronzer in Medium-Deep.  

It’s summer, so play play play! If you’d like to play in color with me, message me on my website for a complimentary Color Consultation. 


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