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Clear Skin: Mission…Possible? 

marykayI read recently in an article online that over 19 million people suffer from acne today. The thing is, acne issues don’t just affect teenagers anymore – it can stump any ethnicity, male or female, at any age. In fact, I myself dealt with the “pizza face” syndrome while in college…but one problem is most skin care’s combat acne OR oily skin (which they often go hand in hand), but not both. Thankfully I’ve learned a few things on the road to clear skin, and I’m excited to share them with you! By the way, my before/after is at the end of this article, but don’t jump ahead! ;)1. Properly Hydrate. I can’t tell you how many people I meet who skip this step because they’re concerned the moisturizer will make the acne worse. I’ve learned that one of the causes of acne is that your skin is over-compensating for a lack of moisture! Wow! So absolutely moisturize before applying your makeup, but it’s crucial the moisturizer is made for your skin type.
My suggestion: Mary Kay’s ClearProof Oil-Free Moisturizer 

2. Pin your hair back while you sleep. Whether you have long hair, short hair, oily or dry hair, your hairs have oils in it from products, the environment, and weird things like your prescriptions, thyroid issues, and even what you eat. I think you’d be shocked how much you move around when you sleep, and that often results in getting a clump of hair stuck against your face for hours on end. The oils transfer to your skin and can easily clog your pores, so do them a favor and use tight bobby pins to pin your hair back or wear it in a low ponytail when you’re headed to bed. This will definitely be a big help in clearing up the areas around your hairline.

3. Stop touching your face! This can be one of the toughest parts of gaining clear skin, but surprisingly can be one of your most powerful tools! Because your hands come in contact with so many germs, bacteria, and oils in a day’s time, touching your face can be a detrimental pothole on the road to clear skin. I’ll give you an example: my college roommate always sat at her desk to do homework with her hand over her mouth. Where do you think her acne was the most severe? Yep – around her mouth. So I encourage you to be aware of where you touch your face and work towards breaking the habit.
My suggestion: Mary Kay’s Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush for hands-free cleaning! 

4. Be consistent! I promise you, this is THE most important step! The people who are consistent are the ones who get positive results. Most people find if they can get into the habit of a skin care routine, their skin welcomes the consistency and sometimes it actually accelerates the results! If consistency is not your forte, here are a few tips to help you create a habit:
–Write down the order of application and tape it to your mirror. Then each day as you complete the step, put a check mark next to it.
–Take a Sharpie & write “#1, #2, etc” on the bottles so you know which order to use them. The order of application DOES matter!
–Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to wash your face every morning and before you go to bed.
My suggestion: if one strategy doesn’t work, try another! Clear skin requires a “whatever it takes” mentality. 

5. Once your skin starts to clear up, exfoliate regularly. One other way your pores can get clogged is from a build up of dead skin cells, so a deep exfoliation 1-2x a week to remove those dead skin cells is important. This will also help with any scarring or pitting that happens from picking at your acne, as well as help keep future acne from occurring.
My suggestion: Mary Kay’s Microdermabrasion Set 

I am living proof that clear skin is possible! With a little grit, determination, and the right products, you CAN achieve clear skin and remove yourself from the group of 19 million!

As promised, here is my before and after – I’m wearing makeup in the “before,” and  3 months later I have no makeup on in the “after”! I used Mary Kay’s ClearProof Set & Microdermabrasion Set. You can purchase both on my website below and see clearer skin in 7 days guaranteed!


Kendyl Heins

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