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5 Tips for your 12 Seconds 

Did you know when you meet a potential employer, they make a decision in 12 seconds or less whether or not you have the job? Yikes! With that in mind, I’m going to share with you 5 tips on how to make the best first impression:

1. Be prepared. Having been married to an Eagle Scout for 3 years, I’ve learned a few things, especially the Boy Scouts’ #1 rule: always be prepared. I would recommend doing a “dress rehearsal” from head to toe a few days before your interview to work out any possible kinks, like not enough deodorant or too much perfume. Make those 12 seconds count! 
My suggestion: Mary Kay Fragrance in Journey or Bella Belara scent. 

2. Take your time. On the day of the interview make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get ready. Like If it normally takes you 30 minutes to style your hair, give yourself 45 minutes. Nothing says “I don’t know how to manage my time” like coming to an interview looking like this: 

3. Know your future employer. Doing your homework will help you answer the dreaded “Why should we hire you?” question as well as many others. For example: “I noticed on your website that your focus is to put the customer first. I grew up in a home where we put others before ourselves & I feel that skill will help me succeed in your company.” You’re killing 2 birds with one stone & that’s sure to impress. 

4. Dress the part. Your goal is to look one notch above the employees but not to out dress your future employer. The easiest way to fake confidence is to look stunning! Make sure the clothing you wear is up to date & fitted properly. Great excuse for a shopping spree? I think so! 😉
My suggestion: Stick to solid colors; patterns can appear casual. 

5. Look the part. Keep your makeup subtle but don’t be afraid of a little color. The red lip is more socially accepted than ever these days! Also keep in mind that as you get closer to the appointed time your nerves/adrenaline will start pumping & you’ll want to be sure to take the proper cautionary steps to prevent a makeup meltdown. Look good, feel good! 
My suggestion: Mary Kay’s Foundation Primer and Skindinävia Makeup Finishing Spray for the ultimate hold 🙂 

If you’d like to get a complimentary new look for your big day or to “try before you buy,” please let me know! New customers get 10% off automatically when you mention this article 🙂 

Kendyl Heins 

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