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Embrace the Train. No, Really.

embracethetrain“So here I am, stopped at another train, and here’s my challenge to you. Upload a positive thought, with a photo or video with the hashtag #embracethetrain to instagram or facebook the next time you’re stopped.”


— Instagram @brandon_irby


We live in Claremore. Claremore has trains. Lots of Trains. I recently heard as many as 80 trains per day pass through this everyday town. For those of you not familiar with our city, it is quartered by both Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific Rail lines, both rail lines meet in the center of town. With a population of around 18,500, you can imagine that there are a lot of interrupted schedules.

There has been a lot of train-related  talk as of late, buzzing around the community. The topic mainly centers around frustration, bordering on anger at some moments. Granted, there are true concerns such as emergency vehicle crossings, and I in no way want to make light of those. However, a good friend of ours, Brandon Irby, began posing a question this week online that challenged my thinking, and resolved a lot of my thoughts on living in a town with a surplus of train interaction.

What if instead of focusing on frustration and anger when at a train stop, we #embracethetrain and use the time to reflect, or think about the positive things in our lives that make us blessed? How would it change Claremore? How would it change you?

embracethetrainHere at Adventure Signs, we couldn’t help but admire the idea, so we are pitching in. If you would like to help spread the word and help those around us, swing by the shop (502 S. Lang St. Claremore, OK 74017) and pick up a limited run of #embracethetrain bumper stickers. Just think. What would your life be like if you simply chose to have a positive outlook on a situation that you cannot control, rather than feed frustration and anger.


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