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Please Watch for Turtles!

turtleThis may not be the most positive story (and we are all about positivity), but I hope it has a happy ending.

A couple of hours ago, I was heading to my car on the RSU campus and saw two people standing in the rain*, seemingly hanging out. When I passed by, I saw that there was a good-sized snapping turtle sitting absolutely still next to them. I stopped to see what was happening, and they said his shell was cracked, he was injured, and they were trying to find someone to help. I came back by just a few minutes later, and the girl stood alone, in the rain, wearing her yellow slicker and guarding the turtle. This time, I got out of my car and went to talk to her. She showed me the massive crack in his shell, and it was clear he wasn’t doing well. His foot was also damaged. The assumption is that someone ran over him in the parking lot.

A few minutes later, two ladies from the RSU biology department came to the rescue. They were armed with a cardboard box and bravery; it was a snapping turtle, after all! They rushed off with the box, saying they would do their best, but not sure if he would make it or not. Hopefully he will recover and live out the rest of his years in the RSU nature reserve.

It’s the season when turtles are on the move. Please keep an eye out. Even in parking lots.

*Being that this was kind of a rush situation, I didn’t ask the names of the Good Samaritans involved. It’s obvious that there are some amazing people on the RSU campus, though. Kudos to all those who stepped in to help.

UPDATE: The rescuers were Yvonne Pace and Tamara Logsdon of the RSU Biology Department. The turtle is en route to Wild Heart Ranch for medical care. 


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