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Dry Cleaning Station: FREE Delivery!

dry cleaning stationDry cleaning is better at Dry Cleaners Station, located at 9530 N 129th East Ave in Owasso.  They offer FREE pick-up and delivery to your home or business in Claremore

When you walk into Dry Cleaning Station you aren’t overwhelmed by a strong chemical smell.  Their environmental program has earned them the Platinum Oklahoma Star from the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality.

What does this mean to you?  Leaving less of a footprint on the Earth for the generations to follow.

The award-winning pollution program uses GreenEarth Dry Cleaning Technology and they recycle everything!  Clothes that are cleaned in the GreenEarth way aren’t bathed in petrochemical solvents so they come back to you clean and without the unpleasant dry cleaning odor.  This ensures your clothes will last longer!


Give owners Barbara and Tom Keenze a call at 918-272-9950 to schedule a pickup or sign up online at:




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