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Things that Happen When Your Mom is a Teacher

chalkHappy last day of school, Claremore!

At one point or another, you were commissioned to help her set up her classroom during the summer.

But it was okay, because you wanted to be a teacher too, so you got to go home with fun tack and Mr. Sketch markers and extra posters for your classroom in the basement.

You know how she really feels about her students, which kind of makes you wonder how your teachers actually felt about you.

She has a distinct “teacher voice” that’s equal parts soothing and condescending but regardless you know you’re in trouble when she starts using it on you.

She literally does have “teacher handwriting.”

Laminating is one of her passions (… and probably one of yours as well).

She’s immune to literally everything. You cannot get the woman sick, she’s been exposed to it all.

Summers home with her were always the best, and you know you’re lucky for having had that in your childhood.

She’d come home each day with a new story about that one nightmare kid in her class.

You bonded with her over the dread of returning to school in the fall.

But got to have an adult who was just as excited for school supplies and new clothes as you were.

You can’t keep track of the holidays/random days she has off, but regardless, it’s probably more than you get at your job.

Speaking of: nothing was worse than when her district got a snow day notification before yours — or if she was off and you weren’t.

Written by Brianna Wiest. For the full list, click HERE

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