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Operation Organization

By Amanda

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Contributed by Chelsea Mosley, Twenty-Something Teacher
Spring is here and that means it’s time for everyone’s least favorite activity…spring cleaning! For me, a huge part of spring cleaning is getting organized. I can’t stand clutter and I love when everything has a place. I also love being able to find the things that I put away once they are in their place. For that reason, I’m sharing 4 tips for staying organized, not only for spring cleaning, but year round.
One. Make a list of all the things you need to accomplish. Like I have mentioned before, I am the self-proclaimed queen of list making. My students make fun of me because my classroom and my desk are both covered with lists. Not only do lists help me remember everything that I need to accomplish, and motivate me to actually complete it, but it also gives me a sense of accomplishment when I’m able to mark a task off of the list.
Two. Color coding is my, and your, best friend. I like to divide my tasks by color, I use different colored bins for different objects, I color code my utensils in my kitchen, I place my books in color order…I’m beginning to realize that I may be
slightly OCD. However, color coding things like laundry hampers and toy boxes makes it easy for the littles in your life to get involved in cleaning as well!
Three. Purchase bins, baskets, and trays for storing extra stuff. We all have that extra “stuff” that somehow appears in our houses but you aren’t really sure how any of it got there. I hate having junk drawers in my house, so instead I am trying to organize things into more categorized locations. Trays for papers and mail, baskets for sporting equipment when I coach, bins for all of the extra stuff. For me, it’s really simple to store these bins and bring them out when they’re needed. By the way, the Dollar Store is a GREAT place to find cheap storage containers! (My favorite is Dollar Tree since everything is…well, a dollar!)
Four. Schedule time in your day to do a little bit of organization at a time. It can be seriously daunting to see a huge list of tasks to accomplish at one time. Breaking it up into small chunks and scheduling 20 minutes a day to organize makes it a snap!
How do you stay organized? Let us know or visit Chelsea’s Blog Twenty-Something Teacher and share your personal tips there!
About the Author, Chelsea: Originally from the great state of Texas, she moved to Oklahoma to attend college and fell in love with an Oklahoma boy. As a recent newlywed, newly-hired, newly-graduated, twenty-something, her blog is a way of venting, brainstorming, connecting, and expressing her self and her passions.


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