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Mac & Cheese Pancakes: What’s Your Take?

DSC_8137Or perhaps I should say, “What’s your PANtake?” Chuckle, chuckle.

As a busy, working-outside-of-the-home wife, and mom to a toddler, I find the dinner hour a little bit stressful. It never fails; every day while I’m driving home, my beloved husband calls to ask the dreaded question, “What’s for dinner?” As I don’t keep a mental image of every item that’s currently in my pantry or freezer, I consistently respond with, “I don’t know.” The game of hunger ping-pong generally lasts until I’m about five minutes from home, so I might as well wait until I get there and tackle the problem myself.

Like most folks, my husband and I both want to eat healthier, but being that I’m a pretty routine, set-in-my-ways kind of gal, that gets difficult. I could eat chicken breast or fish every night. My husband is violently opposed to this idea, which makes me try to think outside the box. Or run to Pinterest.

Late Monday afternoon, I decided to do a quick Pinterest check before I headed home. I had recently run across an article that featured 60 ways to make chicken breast delicious and less boring (false), so I wanted to check it out before the Dreaded Dinner Inquisition Call. That sucked me into a Pinterest time warp, and I discovered Mac & Cheese Pancakes. My first thought was, “Wow, that’s pretty disturbing.” My next thought was, “Well, Husband certainly can’t accuse me of being boring now!” A quick text to Husband confirmed that we had pasta in the pantry. It’s go time.

HERE is the original recipe that I followed from Misc. Kitchen. It basically starts like you’re making pancakes. Flour, buttermilk, that sort of thing. I never have buttermilk, so I always make my own. You mix up the wet ingredients. You stir up the dry ingredients, all while your pasta is boiling happily on the stove. Glob everything together, add some cheese, and fire up your griddle. Now, part of my problem was, I had only the exact amount of cheese for which the recipe called. Husband is a cheese fanatic, so I knew this wasn’t going to work. The reviews mentioned that more cheese is better. Also, when I asked if we had pasta, I didn’t specify “elbows or small shells.” I had fat shells. Like Velveeta Shells n’ Cheese shells. This made the pancakes a little lumpy.

I was hoping that the kiddo would be patient enough to eat dinner with us so he could try them (he adores pancakes), but his stomach wouldn’t let him. So it was up to Husband and me.

They were…different. Savory, for sure. The roadblock we ran into was, “What the heck kind of sauce do we put on these?” Maple syrup, as recommended in the recipe, was out of the question. No WAY. Hot sauce was another suggestion. I ended up using sour cream and some salsa. Salsa was weird, but better than nothing. Husband ate his dry, because with every bite he said he couldn’t decide if he liked them or not, much less what kind of sauce to use.

I ended up freezing the remainder (it made a LOT). I gave one to the kiddo last night, and he loved it.

My verdict? It’s worth a try. Kids will be big fans. If you can figure out what kind of sauce to use, you’ll be a big fan, too. And my hero.

*Photo courtesy of Misc. Kitchen

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