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Claremore Driveway: Volvo S80 AWD

volvoI’ve been true to the same woman for forty-five years, but when it comes to cars I am totally fickle. If I can’t be with the one I love, I love the one I’m with.

I’d really hate to have to choose a car because I like so many, but if I were choosing a forever car, the Volvo S80 would be right up there at the top. Volvos are extremely reliable, and extremely long lasting. But the reality is that now there are a great many cars that meet those standards.

So all right, I’m busted. I would choose this car for the seats. There, I’ve said it. Those wonderful, cushy, Volvo seats that feel sooo good!

I like the all-wheel drive on this car, it’s general heft, and the feeling of extreme safety.

I like the idea of buying a car less than five years old for a price better than half off new.

And, oh, did I mention I like those Volvo seats?

My name is Robby Melton. I’m old enough to qualify for a “senior coke” at McDonalds and don’t have to work anymore, but find myself here on the lot most days because that’s where the cars are. That advertising slogan,  “We sell cars for fun,” is not far off-base for my brother and me.

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