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tornadoA couple of days ago, the moreClaremore staff had the privilege of spending some time with Rogers County Emergency Management Director Scotty Stokes.

Stokes has held his position for about two years. He has been tasked with the chore of keeping Rogers Countians safe from any kind of emergency or disaster, a job he takes quite seriously. Under the direction of Stokes, Rogers County now has its very own Emergency Alert Program. We are facing storm season. This is perfect timing.

It takes just a couple of minutes to sign up, and you can choose which kinds of emergencies you want to know about, from tornadoes and blizzards to fires and flash floods, even road closures. You can also choose your method of notification, whether it’s via phone call, text or email. Each person in your home is encouraged to sign up separately. It’s easy, and it’s FREE! Don’t you want to know what’s headed your way, in case you happen to not be watching the news at that exact moment? Reed Timmer probably won’t knock on your door and tell you to take shelter. But Scotty Stokes can give you a call.

300x300Please take a moment to sign up by visiting the Rogers County website. We’ve even made it easy and saved you a couple of steps: just click HERE to start the process. You will create an account and then set up your personalized notification system. If you have any questions or need assistance while signing up, please call Scotty Stokes at 918-923-4458.

In addition, if you have a storm shelter, please register it with the assessor’s office. Simply call 918-923-4795. In case of a tornado, it’s a pretty good idea to let others know where your shelter is located. Please tell your friends and neighbors to do the same.

Let’s stay safe, Rogers County! Register today! Remember, it’s FREE!

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