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RSU Faculty Members Present at National Conference

NADE Poster March 2014Two Rogers State University faculty members are sharing their research that dependency on technology may cause unanticipated problems in basic writing classrooms.

Dr. Brenda Tuberville, RSU Coordinator of Developmental Studies (pictured on right), and Holly Clay-Buck, RSU English and Humanities Instructor (left), presented a poster session called “Going Off the Grid” at the National Association for Developmental Education conference March 5 – 8 in Dallas, Tex.

The presentation showcased their research into less of a dependence on technology in a Basic Writing classroom during the past four years. Tuberville and Clay-Buck looked at how students in technology-driven classes performed versus students who are in classes that do not rely heavily on technology.

Tuberville and Clay-Buck’s research found that students in classes with very little to no emphasis on technology did better than those students in online or traditional classes that were in some way dependent on technology.

Several presentations at the conference were pushing for increased technology in the classroom which may have led to more interest in the research conducted at RSU. “We were swamped,” said Clay-Buck. “We’re still getting emails from folks who saw us at NADE and want to talk to us about what we did.  It’s extremely gratifying.”

This reaction came as no surprise to Dr. Tuberville, who has attended these conferences in the past.  “I knew we had something going in that was going to be different from the usual ‘here’s how we use technology’ approaches,” said Tuberville.  “But I never anticipated this much positive feedback from so many.”

As a result of Tuberville and Clay-Buck’s presentation in Dallas, the pair is being invited to submit their findings to the “Research and Teaching in Developmental Education” journal, a peer-reviewed journal sponsored by the New York College Learning Skills Association.

For more information about “Going Off the Grid,” contact Dr. Tuberville at btuberville@rsu.edu and Clay-Buck at hclaybuck@rsu.edu.

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