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Avon-productsAre you feeling and looking fabulous?  You should be: here is a breakdown of money spent to keep you looking good as reported by Mint.com in 2013 (amounts are per woman in her lifetime):

$3,770 in MASCARA

$2,750 in EYESHADOW

$1,780 in LIPSTICK

That is a lot of cash to keep you looking pretty!

Now the hard question:  do you love the makeup that you have?  Chances are you fell in love the with commercial, jingle, celebrity or price of the item you brought home only to find out that the shade, formula, or promise of the makeup didn’t work for you.  That is a lot of money spent that just sits around looking awesome on your counter but not on you.  How do you avoid the pitfall of picking out the wrong products?

As an Independent Avon Representative, I am qualified to help you select and shop for the products specifically for YOU.  As an Avon Makeup Maven, I am certified to assist you in applying these products as well, showing you how to use them to enhance your natural beauty, show the latest runway looks, or even help you with your special occasion makeup such as prom and weddings.

When was the last time you went into Wal-Mart and had an associate help you choose the right lipstick for you?

With the money that you work hard for, why not choose a personal shopper to assist you in the best? With Avon, we make it simple, YOU make it beautiful.

Liz Chandler

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Liz Chandler
Avon Makeup Maven
EMAIL:  lizzavon@hotmail.com
personal website:  www.youravon.com/echandler
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