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Claremore Driveway -2007 MERCEDES-BENZ E550


When the auto magazines talk about “autobahn cruisers” they will often mention these big Mercedes. If you’ve ever driven the autobahn in Germany you know to stay out of the left lane because when these suckers close on you at 140mph, that 70mph you are travelling feels like you’d might as well be parked.

The example we are driving is a 2007 model that has been driven 44000 mi (for you math wizards that is as whopping 6285 mi per year. The previous owner didn’t have to drive a whole lot since he was an airline pilot. The car appears to be kept as tight as his aircraft, with all the books in the glove box (even the original window sticker $63,915

The specs include a 382 horsepower V8 that generates 391 foot pounds of torque slipped through a seven speed automatic.

The feel of this car is brazenly “in your face” German. The rock hard seats feel new after seven years and there are no cupholders (the Germans think drinking a coffee in this car would be as untoward as smoking in church)

I am proud to have found this car for some lucky buyer who has dreamed of one of these but couldn’t quite justify the $70k. I suspect this one will sell in the low $20k range which is a little closer to home for most of us.


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